Volunteers Stories

Volunteer Female 25 - 50

I live about two mins walk from the Walkerburn depot and I used to come in for a browse occasionally. One day Ruth the manager got talking to me and explained how I could get a referral to get a special discount. I found everyone to be very friendly. They all made me feel welcome and I've been volunteering ever since I bought my things. Helping here has greatly helped my self confidence. I would recommend it to anyone. Home Basics is an essential part of the local community and the more help it gets, the more it can help.

Volunteer Placement, Male 25 - 50

It's more interesting than sitting in an office.  I've been useful and the work is practical. I will be able to put Home Basics as a reference having been out of work for a while. I've made use of the woodworking workshop and I've worked with some of the vulnerable volunteers to help them get the most from their volunteering.

Volunteer Director, Male 50+

I have been a Director for a few years. I help to run the charity and I attend the monthly board meetings that happen in the evenings.

Volunteer, Female 25 - 50

I help with the Administration of the charity. I use the computer to help record the statistics of donations and sales.  This means I can practice my computer skills.  I have found Home Basics to be a friendly environment to work in and feel my confidence has grown since I started