Current Volunteer Opportunity - Driver Support required.  Please visit http://www.homebasics.org.uk/news/driver-support-volunteer-opportunity

How to Volunteer

The Benefits of Volunteering         

As a volunteer we can offer you the opportunity to develop your employability skills, gain valuable employment experience, improve your CV, and provide references for employers. However, we do understand that while some volunteers may wish to use volunteering as a springboard to bigger things, many others just want to use their time constructively, meet new friends, or simply give their time by volunteering and doing something different. We hope to cater for everyone and aim to provide a friendly and positive volunteering experience for everyone involved.

What you can do as a Volunteer

Get involved.  Learn something new. Make new friends.  Share your experiences and skills. Keep yourself active, physically and mentally. 

Contact us

If you would like to volunteer or find out more about what you can do and the benefits of volunteering with Home Basics then please contact any of our staff.

You can also contact us by email at manager@homebasics.org.uk or on 01896 870455 (Walkerburn) or 01450 363974 (Hawick).