We have sent out referral forms to a wide range of local organisations.

If you are in receipt of an eligible low income benefit you are entitled to be referred to us.

You can also refer yourself through our Self Referral Scheme.

The scheme has been introduced in order that Home Basics can assist even more people in the Scottish Borders on means-tested benefits. Forms can be downloaded from this website (see Downloads under Services), or filled out directly at the shop. To qualify you will need to produce benefit evidence, not more than 3 month old. Referral customers that have to use their own money are entitled to discounts of up to 25% off most goods and up to 50% off delivery costs. Some items are excluded from discount rates and discount can only be offered on delivery costs where the delivery van is going to the area anyway.

Terms and conditions.     

1. Home Basics requires evidence that the individual is in receipt of means-tested benefits.  This evidence should be no more than three months old, and can include letters from Government departments, DWP/Benefits Agency, Jobcentre Plus, Housing Associations, etc. Official emails sent direct to Home Basics from supporting agencies within the Scottish Borders which confirm your benefit eligibility will also be accepted.

2. The referral application will be valid for six months, after which, further evidence of benefit eligibility will be required.

3. Unless specifically agreed with Home Basics, all purchases must be made by the applicant in person at one of our shops. The referral is not transferable and cannot be used by any other person.

4. There are no limits on the numbers of items which can be purchased, amount spent, or number of times a person can use the referral discount. ; Some items (eg. antique furniture,etc) may be excluded from discounts, as these have been donated to help the charity become more sustainable.

5. Only one discount can be applied to any item at a time, ie. if an item is on sale at 50% discount, no additional discount will be applied to that item.

6. If we suspect that the scheme is found to be being abused by a person, their referral will be withdrawn.

Abuse might include:

•             Purchasing items for other people.

•             Allowing other people to use your referral.

•             Purchasing items for re-sale.

•             Use of forged evidence of benefit eligibility.

This list is not exhaustive and the definition of abuse is at the sole discretion of Home Basics.

7.  The referral scheme has been introduced to help those most in need in the Scottish Borders, and does not constitute a right that any individual may receive a discount. As such, the discount offered to referrals may be withdrawn at the discretion of Home Basics at any time. Any person whose referral is cancelled by Home Basics will be ineligible to re-apply for six months.

8. Home Basics reserves the right to amend, adjust or withdraw the self-referral discount scheme at any time.